Massage Therapy & Reflexology Services

Reflexology & Massage

1 Hour Massage $ 65.00 Office visit

1.5 Hour massage  $95.00 Office visit

1 Hour Massage $85.00 Mobile (within Sherwood Park)

1.5 Hour Massage $ 105.00 Mobile (within Sherwood Park)

Thai Style Massage
(1.5 – 2 hr)
$ 120.00
$ 130.00
Office visit
Mobile (within Sherwood Park)

Couples Massage.           $140.00.     60 Minutes

Couples Massage.            $190.00.     90 Minutes

Thai Style Foot Massage / Reflexology As done on the streets of Thailand

1 Hour Session prices as above

Also ask about

Foot, Hand, Ear, Facial Reflexology sessions.

Also Available – Edmonton & Area

Ladies Night In!  Spa Party

Enjoy a night with the girls. Some events have included pajama Parties, Showers, or just getting together with your family and friends

We bring the therapists you require. We offer:

  • Foot, hand and ear Reflexology
  • Portable Chair Massage
  • Facial massage
  • Full Swedish Massage (Table)
  • Thai Massage
  • If required we can also provide esthetic services

We will arrange for the number of Therapists you require, along with the equipment  You supply the rest. Prices vary depending on services, number of hours/sessions and number of participating guests.

Example: One Therapist – Minimum of 6 Clients at 15 minutes each:   $120.00

30 minutes each $240.00

Minimum of 6 participants for the Spa Party. The number of Practitioners we bring in depends on the number of Participants you are hosting. For every 6-8 Participants you will require 1 Practitioner. Please call for details.

Please call for pricing of various services.

What is Reflexology?